I love this video made in the Barbour factory and the homes of some of its long-term customers. Barbours are great for patination – a fancy word for ‘dirt’ in this case – and I didn’t realise how much work they do in terms of alterations and refurbishment. This is the kind of work that sets a great brand apart, particularly in a casual jacket where most areas of craft or handwork make little difference.
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I have had mine for 14 years. It has been back to the factory once for re-waxing and minor repair. It has served so many different purposes and stood the test of time exceedingly well. It will be passed down to the next generation.


My father bought me one when I was sent off to school. I grew out of it and my brother adopted it, and then two cousins did the same. I have had the same one I purchased while at uni fifteen years ago, and it feels even better now.

Better still, it is made in the UK.