The next talk with Rubato, and pop-up shop updates

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I’m pleased to say that the next in our series of talks at Mortimer House will be with Oliver and Carl from Rubato, on March 31st.

These events have a really nice atmosphere, with everyone milling around, browsing the products and chatting to the speaker(s) and each other. Then we normally hang around for a afterwards couple of beers as well, often picking up on topics from the talk. 

I’m sure readers will be interested to hear about how and why Oliver and Carl founded Rubato, but they’re also very thoughtful about style in general - some of the most interesting discussions I’ve had recently have been with them over dinner, about the links between art and style, or modern trends around comfort and simplicity. 

As per usual, the event will start at 6:30pm, with the talk itself beginning at 7pm. Please RSVP to [email protected] if you would like to attend - it’s essential so we have names on the door. 

That talk will be on the Friday of our pop-up on Savile Row - the week when Permanent Style will be there with its products, alongside Rubato. 

As a result we won’t do an opening party for the pop-up (two parties in three days seems a little emuch!) But we will be doing some more events in the coming months, so there’ll be no lack of opportunities to socialise. Details soon.

There are also some updates on the pop-up. The dates, first, to confirm are:

  • Fox (next week): 13-18 March, Monday to Saturday (opening times on their site)
  • Marrkt and Abbots: 23-25 March, Thursday to Saturday
  • Permanent Style and Rubato: 29 March-April 1, Wednesday to Saturday
  • L.E.J: April 17-May 13 (four weeks)

And the updates and details: 

  • Fox will be running a series of events during their week, as well as an archive sale throughout. They can all be seen in detail on the Merchant Fox website. Opening times vary there too.
  • Marrkt will have a small collection of my clothes again, alongside their pre-owned clothing, and I’ll be there on the Thursday for questions about them.
  • Abbots pre-owned shoes will be joining Marrkt for the duration, which brings in a good range of Goodyear-welted shoes, all refurbished for sale. Their site is here.
  • Rubato will have stock and try-ons: pretty much all things available to try-on, just not rollnecks; and stock in most things, just not always every size and every colour. They also have new launches: outerwear and a new colour of the officer’s chino (a nice paler khaki) plus the cardigans etc they just launched online
  • L.E.J have had to delay their pop-up dates so stock has time to arrive. So just note the opening is two weeks later, although the whole event is still running for four weeks. 

I think that’s it, though any questions please do ask. I've tried both the Rubato cardigans (below) and the new trouser colour if anyone has any questions about those.

Looking forward to seeing everybody.

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Looking forward to the Rubato talk. How do you like their new cardigans?


Hi Simon,
So envious of these events…
Will there be a recording of the talk for those of us isolated on the Continent?


Love to hear thoughts on new Rubato cardigan and trousers… Are the cardigans a good spring option (quite keen on the pale yellow but not sure how flexible it is?)

Peter Hall

As a satisfied customer of Abbots they are well worth their spot. I hope business is good for them.


Dear Peter,
Thank you very much for your kind comment and custom, it is very appreciated!

Matt L

Thanks Simon, looking forward to all the events.

Do you know if Rubato’s officer’s chinos will be part of the stock for the event?

Matt L

Thanks Simon. I’ve gotten two pairs already and I’m quite a fan. I see they’ve re-started doing the brown ones too, my brown pair with the PS logo inside them will become a rarity!

Rowan Morrison

Are the Rubato Officer Chino on the smart side of the chino spectrum? So they could be worn with a blazer or sports coat?


Hi Simon,

I can check directly with Fox if you’re unsure but, IRO of their archive sale starting on Monday, is that assumedly via their website or would it be in store only?

Just snagged a pair of those Real McCoys chinos off Marrkt last night- hoping they fit me similarly to your pics!



Dear Simon,

I would appreciate, if you could give some details about the Rubato cardigan (size and fit)?

Best regards


How does it compare fit-wise with the cropped A&S ones?

Paul H

I would enjoy hearing your overview of the Rubato cardigan and especially the sizing of the pockets. Thanks in advance Simon!


Hi. Looking forward to meeting the Marktt Team. I’ve had a productive, friendly and efficient relationship with them after discovering Marktt a couple of years ago.
I’d highly recommend them.


Are there any plans to record the talk? (I’m in the U.S.) Thanks Simon!


Hi Simon,
Do you know if Rubato is planning on having some Spring/Summer collection for the months to come?


We plan to bring as much stock as possible. Hopefully we’ll have something that’s to your liking!
Kind regards,
Oliver – Rubato


Hi Oliver, I really like your wool socks from this current season.
Do you plan to release any cotton socks for the warmer months?


How about your chinos? They seem to be permanently out of stock. Will they be in stock in time for the pop up shop or online?


Very cool, excited to watch the recording.
Also very interested in what kind of outerwear Rubato will be offering.


Looking forward to watching the recording!

And I think this post is the right place for saying thank you Simon for introducing Rubato to us readers. Not sure about others, but I almost certainly wouldn’t have heard of them otherwise, and instead Rubato styling is probably my main inspiration for casual (casual chic?) clothes, subtly characterful but very wearable.


Looking forward to it, Simon!
This is sort of random but have any PS readers tried Rubato’s socks? Please chime in if so. Are they more of a dress or sport sock weight? Considering adding one to my order as I like the colours.


Simon or oliver, can you tell us more about the outerwear ?


Hi Simon, would your coats be available to try on also on 29th? Thx


Id be interested to see the PeaCoat Simon if you are able to bring that one) I was hoping to get one since its a kind of 3 season coat in the UK.


Thank you, that would be great) Got another question which I guess will be revealed at the time, but to save time during a potentially busy pop up, if we bought something from Rubato is UK rather than Swedish VAT charged? I think it would only make a small difference either way as I think the Swedish VAT is 5% more than ours.

Steve D

Simon, how are the Alden suede boots faring? Wondering if you like the modified last, how they are breaking in, etc. Cheers!



This has nothing to do with today’s article but I’d like pick your brain on a fabric. Do you think it’s more suitable for a suit, or for a sports coat? I can usually tell but I’m going back and forth (and back and forth) on this one. It’s WT7 from the Fox Worsted Classics book, mid grey with faint dark blue windowpane. It’s a bit unusual compared to most windowpanes, with the check being darker than the background, but quite faint. I really like it. Thanks!


Thanks. Simon, I appreciate it.

Jim Bainbridge

I like the look of the cardigans, the only thing that looks unexpected to me is the ribbing – a little deep, particularly on something intended to be more boxy than cinched in at the waist like a bomber etc, which is what I’d usually associate the look with – but is that just me? Not a dealbreaker for me, though.


Hi Simon,
It’s really a good thing to know that Rubato are offerting this kind of chinos! But I wonder whether it wouldn’t be a good idea if they could just add one or two colors, such as ecru //stone to expand a little bit the current palette. On the fly:Is it a matter of style to stick to buttons or even rivets? It doesn’t make sense to me at all, when we know that there are zippers suittable to this kind of fabric. Years ago, Ralph Lauren used them for chinos quite similar to these ones. A simple matter of praticality. Mind you, one doesn’t have to be a beer drinker to understand this basic wisdom.


Ok, thanks Simon. From what I’ve read so far about these trousers, they seem to be very verry good and better than the aforementioned ones made by RL in the past.


are there any events from 10th – 18th april in london?