The pop-up is back! With Bryceland’s and more

Friday, October 8th 2021
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*UPDATE: Just to clarify, anything that is not available as stock in the shop, and so has to be shipped to a visiting reader from either PS or Bryceland's, will have free shipping. So no extra charge there. Thanks*

Some readers might have already seen the recent announcement that the 'Permanent Style Presents' pop-up is back. It starts in three weeks' time, in The Service on Savile Row.

We're taking over the whole back of the cafe, alongside Bryceland's, for 10 days - Friday October 29th to Sunday November 7th. (Opening times: 10-6pm, Sunday 12-5pm.)

And then we're bringing in some partners for half of that period each. So in the first five days, we'll also have Tony Sylvester's brand AWMS (berets, slippers and all) and all the lovely knitwear from Colhay's. That's October 29th to November 2nd.

Then in the second five days, we'll be joined by Scott of the Scott Fraser Collection and by bespoke shoemaker Masaru Okuyama - who has just relocated here from Hong Kong, so is now one of the first Japanese shoemakers to be local in London.

Finally, there will be some opening drinks on the Thursday, October 28th, from 5pm. If you fancy browsing things with a glass in your hand, that's the event for you.

I also learnt just yesterday that Ethan Newton will be able to fly in for the event, from Tokyo.

That seemed unlikely for a while, with his partner Kenji (also now living in London - below left with Ethan) having to run the Bryceland's concession. But Ethan is able to come, so pop in for in-depth chats about any of the Bryceland's products.

As ever, I will be on site most of the time, and can't wait to see you all. As with many things during Covid, time seems to have been compressed: I can't believe it's been two years since our last shop.

We won't have James or any J.Girdwood products this time, but Lucas Nicholson will be helping staff the PS section - someone readers might remember from the old Drake's shop on Clifford Street, and may have chatted to about PS products over the past few months when emailing the support team.

One point worth noting is that quite a few of the products in the shop won't be available to take away, but will just be to try on sizes and styles, before ordering online.

This is how Bryceland's worked in its previous pop-up shop, and it's very effective. It means they can afford to have all the stock on display, rather than only bringing over part of it. And it's the same with PS: at this point we just can't fit all the products, with stock, in a pop-up like this. So be prepared that some items might not be there to take away.

Of course, this is how the Scott Fraser Collection works with nearly all products, and Masaru (below) is a bespoke shoemaker, so he will have only samples on display (really worth seeing if you can).

Colhay's will be the exception: it will have stock available of almost everything, the only ones requiring pre-order being the cricket jumper and the shawl coat.

If you have any specific questions, please ask below and myself or someone from one of the brands will answer.

Thanks again - see you there!


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Hi Simon, a few questions. What are the opneing hours? Also could you confirm how it works with Bryclelands in relation to tax? If the made to order garments are being shipped to the UK from abroad then they will be subject to UK import? I’ve contacted Bryclelands before and asked if they offer a tax free price online for items shipped to the UK and they dont. It just seems the customer might end up paying through the nose once tax is considered.

Prince Florizel of Bohemia

Is it Die, Workwear summer tweed you are wearing in the first pciture?


Hello Simon, I’d be interested in hearing why you don’t like that cloth.


Oh, this is dangerous! Can you give us more warning next time so I can save up!


Super happy this is happening! Also, interesting that Masaru and Kenji have relocated to London. Is there hope for a Brycelands outpost here? Either way it seems like an encouraging sign for the menswear scene given covid and brexit.

Chris K

Looking forward to getting over to London for this Simon. Lovely lineup this year as usual. I was looking for an excuse to get a couple day stay in the city, and you have facilitated!

Really look forward to meeting you guys, in a lovely environment with others who share the same passion and enthusiasm.



Does it mean restock for some of the PS pieces?
To be specific, I’m interested in the overshirt and chambray shirt.


Hi Simon,
Good news on the pop – up. Look forward to dropping by. Will the new season PS Donegal Coat be available to try on? Regardless, I look forward to seeing the brands you mentioned.
All the best,


Greetings from ny…….
Good luck!!!!!


Would love to drop in, but sadly I’m not likely to be anywhere near London when it’s happening. Sigh. Ah well, there’s always next spring… unexpected pandemics permitting!

Tommy Mack

Very excited about this! Can’t wait to pop down and say hi. Also had my eye on a polo collar sweater for a while so great to be able to try before I (hopefully) buy!


HI Simon,
Great that you’ve succeeded in resuming with this project!
Wish you all the best in this endeavour!


This is d-a-n-g-e-r-o-u-s! But chuffed to bits you are able to do this again. Wishing you all successful trading and just being human again.


Enjoy it Simon. A hopeful sign that we are turning the corner.


Hi Simon,
I know Colhay’s cricket sweater are pre-order but I just wanted to confirm with you that this means that they will not have any to look at or try at the pop-up?
As always, with thanks.

Another Simon

I can’t believe this was announced only hours after I arranged a holiday out of London from October 30th to November 7th. Hopefully, you’ll open on the first Friday morning, because my afternoon is immovably booked already. If you do, I’ll be on the doorstep!

Another Simon

That would certainly be a great start to the holiday


Yet another Simon!


Hi Simon, Just wondered if Bryceland’s will be stocking the P13’s camouflage (washed) and olive cargo (washed) pants at the pop-up. And will they be priced in pound sterling? Thanks


Many thanks Simon.
Should be fun seeing what’s on sale.


Not sure if I’ve missed it somewhere but so you have details on the times the popup will be open please?


How about Friday, 29th? also 10-6?

Rupesh Bhindi

Hi Simon,

Are there any plan to organise a pop-up in February this year as part of the standard format offered by Permanent Style.


Hi Simon, would there happen to be any plans for a pop-up this Spring 2022 yet?